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  1. devme-sdk-js devme-sdk-js Public

    DEV.ME SDK for JavaScript & TypeScript Works in Server in The Browser, Compatible with Node.js & React.js & Vue.js & Angular.js

    TypeScript 3

  2. devme-sdk-php devme-sdk-php Public

    DEV.ME SDK for PHP, Works with php version >= 7.3 Compatible with all PHP Frameworks like laravel, symfony, wordpress, etc.

    PHP 1 1

  3. devme-sdk-ruby devme-sdk-ruby Public

    DEV.ME SDK for Ruby

    Ruby 2

  4. email-validator-js email-validator-js Public

    Verify email address checking MX records, and SMTP connection, check for disposable email addresses and free email providers.

    TypeScript 58 18

  5. open-graph-extractor open-graph-extractor Public

    Extract Open Graph and Metadata from html in node.js

    HTML 5 2

  6. react-qr-code react-qr-code Public

    A QRCode React Component ( SVG / Canvas )

    TypeScript 11 1


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