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Searchable, clojure examples programatically compiled from lots and lots of scraping. GetClojure extracts valid s-expressions from various locations, runs them in a sandbox, and captures the value and/or output of every s-expression. That information is saved and is made searchable via ElasticSearch.


Go to GetClojure and start searching.

Tips Welcome

Support via Gittip


In order to run locally in development mode you'll need to do the following:

  • Run ElasticSearch locally. Find it via your package manager.
  • Run MongoDB locally. Find it via your package manager.
  • Run ./script/
  • Seed the Database: lein run -m getclojure.seed
  • Start the server: lein ring server
  • Compute.

Note to python 2 users

If after running the commands above you get a list of pages (numbers at the bottom) but no actual results, the database might not be populating correctly. This could be because pygments requires python 2. To ensure you have a symlink to python2 in your path (you should as of python 2.7.3), run the following command:

command -v python2

If there's no output, you'll need to make a python2 symlink, to do so, run the following command:

ln -s "$(command -v python)" /usr/local/bin/python2

Try running lein run -m getclojure.seed again and you should be in business!


  • Anthony Grimes
  • Joe Nelson
  • Joshua Hoff


  • To Bendyworks for 20% time.
  • To ClojureWerkz for providing great libraries.
  • To Anthony Grimes (Raynes) for letting me steal some of his code from RefHeap to speed things along.
  • To Phil Hagelberg (technomancy) for his help with Heroku-related issues.
  • To Jean Niklas L'Orange (hyPiRion) for helping me understand what this string does in cl-format, and for fixing a related bug in the Clojure pretty printer: ~<#(~;~@{~w~^ ~_~}~;)~:>
  • To Chris Houser for giving me a treasure trove of logs to harvest.


Copyright © 2013 Devin Walters

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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