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Five-minute Reviews
Pre-trained Model


Meetings are in virtual space, held on Wednesdays at 1pm UTC.

Please visit our website, Github repository, Slack channel (OW members, others via Slackpass), YouTube channel, and The Node for more information.

September 4: informational first meeting. video, slides

Knowledge Map of Machine Learning, Orthogonal Research and Education Laboratory

September 11: second meeting (Digital Bacillaria). video, slides

September 18: third meeting (OpenDevoCell). video, slides

Gartner Hype Cycle for AI and ML (2019)

September 25: fourth meeting (Input Data). video, slides

October 2: fifth meeting (Pre-trained Models for Biology). video, slides

Space of process models, cognitive models vs. machine learning models vs. neural simulations. From: Figure 3 in Kriegeskorte and Douglas, "Cognitive computational neuroscience". arXiv, 1807.11819.

October 9: sixth meeting (TensorFlow Tutorial). video, slides

Join us for Hacktoberfest through the month of October. Check out our issues board and make a pull request today!

October 16: seventh meeting (general discussion). video

October 23: eighth meeting (Computational Pareidolia). video, slides

October 30: ninth meeting (Developmental GANs and GANs in Medical Imaging). Video. Developmental GANs slides, GANs in Medical Imaging slides.

NEW! Pre-trained Models for Biology (see October 2 for topic). Blog post at The Node.

November 6: tenth meeting (general discussion). video

November 13: eleventh meeting (Game Theory in Machine Learning and Development). video, slides

November 20: twelfth meeting (Reinforcement Learning). video, slides

November 27: TBA

December 4: TBA

December 11: TBA

December 18: TBA

Date TBA: Theory-building for Data Science slides

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