The GoPiGo3 is a Raspberry Pi Robot!
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GoPiGo3 Documentation Status

The GoPiGo3 is a delightful and complete robot for the Raspberry Pi that turns your Pi into a fully operating robot. GoPiGo3 is a mobile robotic platform for the Raspberry Pi developed by Dexter Industries.

 GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi Robot

Raspbian for Robots

You can find all software and installation for the GoPiGo3 on an SD Card by using our operating system Raspbian for Robots. You can download and install Raspbian for Robots for free with instructions found here.

 GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi Robot

You can also purchase an SD Card with the software on it here.


You can install the GoPiGo3 on your own operating system with the following commands in the command line:

  1. Clone this repository onto the Raspberry Pi:

     git clone /home/pi/Dexter/GoPiGo3
  2. Run the install script: bash /home/pi/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Install/

  3. Reboot the Raspberry Pi to make the settings take effect: sudo reboot

Quick Install

In order to quick install the GoPiGo3 repository, open up a terminal and type the following command:

curl -kL | bash

The same command can be used for updating the GoPiGo3 to the latest version.


Please review the file for license information.

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