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black natively supports Jupyter notebooks

This project is no longer necessary!

To replace your black_nbconvert pre-commit configuration, use:

  - repo:
    rev: "22.1.0"
      - id: black-jupyter

If you're still using this project, the original README is below:

black + nbconvert

Tired of having to think about formatting in Jupyter notebooks? Look no further! This script will correctly format your Jupyter notebooks for you using black.

Warning: This project will overwrite your notebooks in place. It shouldn't change anything except the format, but use at your own risk!

Installation & Usage

To install:

pip install black_nbconvert

To check a notebook:

black_nbconvert --check /path/to/a/notebook.ipynb

To fix the formatting in a notebook (in place):

black_nbconvert /path/to/a/notebook.ipynb

If you pass a directory instead of a notebook file, notebooks will be found recursively below that directory. For example:

black_nbconvert .

will fix the formatting for all notebooks in the current directory and (recursively) below.

Configuration: Configuration for black in a pyproject.toml file above the target files will be respected.

Version control integration

Use pre-commit. Once you have it installed, add this to the .pre-commit-config.yaml in your repository:

- repo:
  rev: v0.3.0
  - id: black_nbconvert

Then run pre-commit install and you're ready to go.