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The main concept is that all tests should use the image as is without any 'internal' go-related features. We, like users, receive the image and we are going to check what we've got.

The project has been started in Java as POC, however, I'm thinking about porting to python which is more suitable lang for the Ansible-oriented stack. Kindly ask you to raise the issue in case of any suggestions/bugs.

General image test

  1. Download the latest shaded dist from

  2. Define an *.yml file with tests.

    version: 1.1
     - apt-get update
     - apt-get install -y tree
     - assume: java version is 1.9, Debian build
       cmd:    java -version
          - openjdk version "9.0.1"
          - build 9.0.1+11-Debian
     - assume: curl version is
       cmd:    curl --version
         startsWith: curl 7.
          - "^curl\\s7.*\\n.*\\nProtocols.+ftps.+https.+telnet.*\\n.*\\n$"
          - AsynchDNS IDN IPv6 Largefile GSS-API
     - assume:  Setup section installed `tree`
       cmd:     tree --version
         contains: ["Steve Baker", "Florian Sesser"]
  3. Run tests for image

     java -jar docker-unittests.jar -f image-tests.yml -i openjdk:9.0.1-11

    docker image tests results

General image test with output to xml file

  1. Use -o xml option in order to receive the testing report in xml format
     java -jar docker-unittests.jar -f image-tests.yml -i openjdk:9.0.1-11 -o xml
    xml result of docker image testing

Test image by shell script

  1. Define the test.yml with tests.
     version: 1.1
       -  assume: "java version is 1.9, Debian build"
          cmd:    "java -version"
              - openjdk version "9.0.1"
              - build 9.0.1+11-Debian
       # The test below will fail due to wrong version of curl.
       -  assume: "curl version is 8000"
          cmd:    "curl --version"
             startsWith: "curl 8000"
               - "^curl\\s7.*\\n.*\\nProtocols.+ftps.+https.+telnet.*\\n.*\\n$"
               - "AsynchDNS IDN IPv6 Largefile GSS-API"
  2. Define an with testing command
     #!/usr/bin/env bash
     set -e
     echo Testing has been started
     java -jar docker-unittests.jar -f test.yml -i openjdk:9.0.1-11
     echo This line will not be executed as testing will fail
  3. Run the docker image tests results

Output matching predicates

Predicate Multiple YML tag format
startsWith No startsWith: "curl 8000"
endsWith No endsWith: "VM (build 25.181-b13, mixed mode)"
equals No equals: "curl 7.54.0"
contains Yes contains: ["7.54", "LibreSSL", "pop3 pop3s"]
matches Yes matches: ["^curl\\s7.*\\n.*\\nProtocols.+ftps.+https.+.*\\n$"]