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GNU Pricing


GNU programs are used billions of time every day all over the world. However, the intellectual property owners, the Free Software Foundation, don't make a cent from it. What a raw deal! This project aims to fix that by monetizing many popular command line tools that GNU maintains.

What this project does

This project adds pricing to many popular GNU command line tools.

How to install

To install, simply add the bin directory to your path.

export PATH="/path/to/gnu-pricing/bin:$PATH"

How to use

Once the gnu-pricing/bin directory is in your path, simply use GNU tools as normal. To see the pricing breakdown from the command line, add the --pricing to see the cost breakdown for using that command. A record of how much you owe for using GNU commands will also be printed. You can pay this usage fee at

user@host:~$ gcc --pricing
Welcome to GNU Pricing!

Using many GNU tools now cost $0.01 per use.

This command (gcc) has been used 2 times so far.

Overall GNU command usage
command	usage	cost
-------	-----	----
gcc     2       $.02
ls      41      $.41
md5sum  1       $.01
uname   2       $.02
-------	-----	----
Total   46      $.46

Please pay the total cost at

How to uninstall

If you're a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for these excellent GNU commands that the FSF worked so very hard to make, you can remove the pricing options by removing the gnu-pricing/bin directory from your path and deleting the ~/.gnu-pricing/ directory.

PATH=`echo $PATH | sed "s@/path/to/gnu-pricing/bin:@@"`
rm -r ~/.gnu-pricing

What commands have pricing

The following commands now cost money to use:

  • base64
  • basename
  • cat
  • cp
  • cut
  • date
  • dd
  • df
  • du
  • emacs
  • gcc
  • gnupg
  • grep
  • gzip
  • head
  • ln
  • ls
  • make
  • md5sum
  • mkdir
  • mv
  • nano
  • rm
  • rmdir
  • sha1sum
  • sha224sum
  • sha256sum
  • sha384sum
  • sha512sum
  • sort
  • tail
  • tar
  • time
  • touch
  • uname
  • uniq
  • uptime
  • wc
  • wget
  • who
  • whoami


This project is satire and was made during the 2015 Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon.


Turn GNU command line tools into SaaS (Stupid Hackathon Project)




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