Annotation (NER/NED) GoLd standard chEcking Tool
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EAGLET is a tool that supports the semi-automatic checking of a gold standard based on a set of uniform annotation rules. These set of rules are discussed in detail in the paper.


  • One just has to install Maven and EAGLET can be up and running. The instructions to install maven can be found here.

Once the maven is up and running. Clone the repository.

EAGLET is executed in the following two parts

  1. Executing the Pipe
  2. Executing the Service

NOTE: Results Generated only from the pipe can be used in the Webservice. The pipe results can be generated by either executing the pipe or via the Service.

Executing The Pipe

This part of EAGLET is responsible for running the pipe. In order to exectute the pipe from the main java class execute the file. Edit the file to add the location of the dataset

-Dexec.args="-n testdata -f <Location of File>"

The results are then generated in the folder eaglet_data/result_pipe.

Executing The Service

The service can run pipe on the dataset or help user evaluate the dataset processed by the pipe from the previous step. The webservice can be executed by running the file.

EAGLET should be running at a default port 8080. Web interface can be seen at

  • Add the dataset name and location in the UI to run the pipe. The results are then generated in the folder eaglet_data/result_pipe.
  • If one has already generated the dataset, one can just enter login and begin evaluating.

Configuring the pipe

The structure of the pipe can be configured from here in the file.


Once the dataset(s) have been reviewed the results can be found in eaglet_data/result_user/{username} . Detailed architecture is available in the demo paper

Built With

  • Spring - The web framework used
  • Maven - Dependency Management



This work has been supported by the H2020 project HOBBIT (GA no. 688227) as well as the the EuroStars projects DIESEL (project no. 01QE1512C) and QAMEL (project no. 01QE1549C).


EAGLET is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.