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D library for the Diffbot API

This is a D client library for the Diffbot API (

  1. Structure of Directories and Files

Makefile - The Makefile used to build the example
Readme.1st - This file

docs/ - Classes documentation

src/ - The source files

src/model/exception.d - exceptions are defined here

src/controller/diffbot.d - main class
src/controller/httphandle.d - Handle HTTP requests through the usage of the D's builtin

src/example.d - Example of how to use the Diffbot's API client library
  1. Usage

2.1 Class instantiation

	You can get a new instance of a DiffBot class by calling:

		auto diffbot = new DiffBot("0123456789ABCDEF","");

	Or you can just call the standard constructor with no parameters at all and set the class properties:

		auto diffbot = new DiffBot;

		diffbot.token = "0123456789ABCDEF"; = "";

2.2 Additional Parameters

	You may also set additional options like the request response filters and additional options:

		diffbot.method = DIFFBOT.METHOD.FRONTPAGE;
		diffbot.responseFields = "images(*)";

	Add additional response fields:

		diffbot.responseFields ~= "meta";

	Set optional arguments:

		diffbot.optionalArguments["timeout"] = 5;

	After you set these additional parameters, always remember to call the makeURL method to build the URL that will be sent to diffbot:


2.3 Server Response

	Now you should call the sendRequestToServer method to fetch the response from DiffBot servers:

		auto response = diffbot.sendRequestToServer();

	If all went well you will end with a JSON response from the server as JSONValue (std.json) data structure.

2.4 Extract data from Response

	You can check if the response contains a key with the following example:

		string title;

		if ("title" in response.object) title = response.object["title"].str;

	If you have an array of images, do this:

		JSONValue images[];

		if ("images" in response.object) images = response.object["images"].array;

	Then loop through the array and extract the contents just like the title example

	In future versions it will be added a model for each API method, this will make things pretty much easier :)

	Finally read the example.d file to see a working example.
  1. Build

Use the Makefile included within the project.

To build the example, just type:


and the example will be built

	3.1 Makefile options

	diffbot - builds the diffbot example
	documentation - builds the diffbot documentation at the docs directory (work in progress)
	unittests - builds the executable with unittests (work in progress)
	coverage - builds the executable with code coverage metrics

	clean - cleans all the executables,object files and documentation

	Note: you must have libcurl already installed on your system to be able to build with Diffbot library
  1. Dependencies

libcurl - avaiable at

See the installation proccess according to your platform.

Diffbot D client library was happily written by Daniel Vieira


A Diffbot API client for D



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