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cl-diffbot exposes the diffbot (http://diffbot.com) API to common lisp. cl-diffbot has been tested on linux runnin sbcl but should work normally on most other platforms as well as with most other common lisp implementations.


quicklisp (http://quicklisp.org) [for easy package management] drakma http client (http://weitz.de/drakma/) cl-json (http://common-lisp.net/projects/cl-json/)


Assuming quicklisp is installed in its default location (/quicklisp/) and packages are kept in (/quicklisp/local-projects/) copy the folder to ~/quicklisp/local-projects/ and load via quicklisp at the REPL:

 (ql:quickload :cl-diffbot)

Follow default asdf package install procedures if you are not using quicklisp.


Simple usage examples can be found at /examples/examples.lisp. Run:


at the REPL to test out the article API (a valid token is required).


cl-diffbot exposes the following symbols:

Conditions diffbot-condition diffbot-error parameter-error diffbot-server-error

Main APIs article-api frontpage-api product-api image-api page-classifier-api custom-api

Bulk APIs bulk-job-create bulk-job-pause bulk-job-delete bulk-job-retrieve bulk-job-view

Crawl APIs crawl-job-create crawl-job-pause crawl-job-restart crawl-job-delete crawl-job-retrieve crawl-job-view

Use your IDE's default lookup functions to obtain documentation. Emacs + SLIME: C-c C-d C-d cl-diffbot: TAB

-Initial commit by Cristopher VB-