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A Client for the diffbot API written in OCaml. See: <diffbot.com>


This library depends on:

  • Lwt - Cooperative threading library
  • Cohttp - HTTP client
  • Yojson - JSON library

Which must be installed through OPAM.

You can simply run ./deps.sh once you clone this repo to install all the dependencies

Once all the dependencies are installed, build the library by running the following commands in the cloned repo:

$ make
$ make install # install with ocamlfind
# optionally if you want to play around with the example:
$ make example


You can set your API token by partially applying analyze. For example:

open Diffbot

let my_analyze = analyze ~token:"<totally secret>"

let resp = my_analyze Article ~url:"http://huffingtonpost.com"


You can run the example command line script after running:

$ make example
# Will run against http://www.xconomy.com/san-francisco/2012/07/25/diffbot-is-using-computer-vision-to-reinvent-the-semantic-web/
$ ./ex1.native <api token> frontpage

To compile your own code that uses this library, for example given a source file diffy.ml:

open Diffbot

let () =
  let response = analyze Frontpage
                   ~url:"http://huffingtonpost.com" in
  let json = Lwt_main.run response in
  print_endline "Response:";
  json |> Yojson.Basic.to_string |> print_endline

Build & run with:

$ ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind -pkg diffbot diffy.native
$ ./diffy.native


Check out lib/diffbot.mli. There's only a single exposed function so the API is very simple. The signature is copied over here:

(* The type of api calls to make *)
type api =
  | Article
  | Frontpage
  | Product
  | Image
  | Classifier

(* Analyze given a token,which api to use, a url to analyze *)
val analyze : ?version:string -> token:string -> api -> url:string -> json Lwt.t