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Scala API for Diffbot services


Please see the INSTALL file for details. The easiest way is using sbt, by cloning the repository (preferably a released tag) then

 > publish-local

from this project in sbt. After that, you can simply use it as a dependency, as the following:

  libraryDependencies += "com.diffbot" %% "diffbot-scala-api" % "1.0",

to your build configuration (typically build.sbt, or project/Build.scala in your project's folder).


As this client uses spray for its middleware, you can override certain configuration of spray, by adding an application.conf file.

The Diffbot API specific configuration is quite simple. You just have to create an implicit value with the token you gathered, like this:

  implicit val token: Token = Token("0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef")

You can override the timeouts and the version too with different implicit values, like:

  /**The first parameter is how long the client waits for the server, while the second is for the timeout parameter passed to the server in milliseconds, which can be None if you prefer not to specify.*/
  implicit val t: DiffbotTimeout = DiffbotTimeout(/*client*/timeout=125.second, timeoutParameterInMillis=Some(100000L))
  /** The service version to use. */
  implicit val v: Version = Version.v2

You will also need an ActorSystem for this client:

  implicit val diffbotSystem:ActorSystem = ActorSystem("diffbotExample")//Just an example


Analyze API

Just execute the following code and later you can examine results:

  val result: Future[JsValue] = Diffbot("analyze", url)

When you get the results, you can use the usual technics on scala Futures, for example:

  result onSuccess {case t => println(t.prettyPrint)}

If you prefer synchronous calls, you can wait till the result is ready, using Await.

Article API

Just execute the following code and later you can examine results:

  val result: Future[JsValue] = Diffbot("article", url)

You can handle the cases similarly to the Analyze API.

Other APIs

Please check the parameters for other Diffbot products on the homepage:

Complete example

Here is a whole sample program:

		package com.diffbot.api.scala
		import scala.concurrent.Future
		import spray.json._
		object Main extends App {
		  //We need an ActorSystem
		  implicit val diffbotSystem:ActorSystem = ActorSystem("diffbotExample")
		  //We need a token it consists of 32 hexadecimal digits
		  //please check the page for details
		  implicit val token: Token = Token("0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef")
          val url = ""
          //You can override the version and the timeout too with implicit values
		  //import scala.concurrent.duration._
          //implicit val t: DiffbotTimeout = DiffbotTimeout(125.second, Some(100000L))
          //implicit val v: Version = Version.v2
          //or just use our suggested defaults
		  import Implicits._
		  //Call the API
		  val f: Future[JsValue] ="article", url)
		  //Use the result in some way
		  f.onComplete(t => {println(t.get.prettyPrint)})
		  //TODO, you might want to handle failure too
		  //This way you can simulate synchronous method calls
		  import scala.concurrent.Await
		  import scala.concurrent.duration._
		  val json: JsValue = Await.result(f, 125.seconds)
		  //Shut down the actor system, we no longer need them.


Please check the Spray http-client documentation for additional customization options, especially Request level clients. For configuration (like proxy, or different connection specific options), please see the Spray configuration page.

-Initial commit by Gábor Bakos-


A Diffbot API client for Scala



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