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Diffbot documentation

This repo contains the source files of the Diffbot documentation suite currently deployed at

To contribute, either submit a pull request with an edit on this repository by adding or editing files in the docs folder, or click the Edit button on any page in the rendered website.

To add a new page:

  1. Add the page into the docs subfolder
  2. Add the page's ID into sidebars.json to reference it in the menus.

Note that if you want to add contributions that touch on design, images, landing page text or other non-documentation content, you need to edit the files in the website subdirectory.

Building locally

To build and test the docs locally:

  1. Make sure you have yarn installed (
  2. Clone this repo
  3. cd docs/diffbot; yarn install
  4. cd website
  5. run yarn start

This will open a browser with the local version running in live-reload mode, so you can see your changes as you save your files. Note that menus will not update with this approach, so you need to kill the server with CTRL+C and restart with yarn start to test menu changes.



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