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Node.js CI

Use of Abitti Trademark policy

Rich text editor with math support for Finnish Matriculation Examination Board. Live demo can be found at

Since v4.0.0, only ES2017 code with ES modules is provided (in the dist directory). If you want to use this library, a bundler such as Webpack or Rollup is probably needed.

Goal (Read this before submitting)

Rich text editor has been developed to allow candidates of Finnish Matriculation Examination to attach screenshots and write equations as part of their submissions. Our aim is not to create a general-purpose drop-in replacement for textarea but an editor which works in Abitti and its embedded browser.

While we celebrate every bug report, feature request and pull request we kindly ask you to remember following:

  • Most of the issues related to entering formulae and rendering LaTeX are caused by MathJax and MathQuill libraries. We do not have resources to write pull requests based on issues submitted to us. For similar reasons we will not pass upstream issues reported to us.
  • We are not paying attention to issues or pull requests which fall outside our mission - Abitti.

We hope you understand our desire to focus on our goal specified by law.


Getting started

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install yarn
  3. Run yarn install.
  4. Run yarn dev.
  5. Browser tests: http://localhost:5111/test/tests.html
  6. Manual testing: http://localhost:5111/test/tests.html?grep=manual

Example of direct usage