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Digger is an open source IaC orchestration tool. Digger allows you to run IaC in your existing CI pipeline ⚡️


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CI/CD for Terraform is tricky. To make life easier, specialised CI systems aka TACOS exist - Terraform Cloud, Spacelift, Atlantis, etc.

But why have 2 CI systems? Why not reuse the async jobs infrastructure with compute, orchestration, logs, etc of your existing CI?

Digger runs terraform natively in your CI. This is:

  • Secure, because cloud access secrets aren't shared with a third-party
  • Cost-effective, because you are not paying for additional compute just to run your terraform


  • Terraform plan and apply in pull request comments
  • Private runners - thanks to the fact that there are no separate runners! Your existing CI's compute environment is used
  • Open Policy Agent (OPA) support for RBAC
  • PR-level locks (on top of Terraform native state locks, similar to Atlantis) to avoid race conditions across multiple PRs
  • Terragrunt, Workspaces, multiple Terraform versions, static analysis via Checkov, plan persistence, ...
  • Drift detection

Getting Started

How it works

Digger has 2 main components:

  • CLI that runs inside your CI and calls terraform with the right arguments
  • Orchestrator - a minimal backend (that can also be self-hosted) that triggers CI jobs in response to events such as PR comments

Digger also stores PR-level locks and plan cache in your cloud account (DynamoDB + S3 on AWS, equivalents in other cloud providers)

Compared to Atlantis

  • No need to host and maintain a server (although you can)
  • Secure by design: jobs run in your CI, so sensitive data stays there
  • Scalable compute: jobs can run in parallel
  • RBAC and policies via OPA
  • Drift detection
  • Apply-after-merge workflows
  • Web UI (cloud based)
  • Read more about differences with Atlantis in our blog post

Compared to Terraform Cloud and other TACOs

  • Open source; orchestrator can be self-hosted
  • Unlimited runs and unlimited resources-under-management on all tiers
  • Jobs run in your CI, not on a third-party server
  • Supports PR automation (apply before merge)
  • No duplication of the CI/CD stack
  • Secrets not shared with a third party


We love contributions. Check out our contributing guide to get started.

Not sure where to get started? You can:


Digger collects anonymized telemetry. See usage.go for detail. You can disable telemetry collection either by setting telemetry: false in digger.yml, or by setting the TELEMETRY env variable to false.

Running migrations

atlas migrate apply --url $DATABASE_URL


  • Docs for comprehensive documentation and guides
  • Slack for discussion with the community and Digger team.
  • GitHub for code, issues, and pull request
  • Medium for terraform automation and collaboration insights, articles, tutorials, and updates.