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This repository holds the source files that are used to generate

How it works

The site is generated using GitHub Pages, which uses the Jekyll site generator to create static sites from a set of source files and templates. This repository holds the source material (including various data files in _data as well as HTML or MD files) along with templates used to present the content (in _layouts and _includes).

However, note that some of these source files, particularly the _data files, are not intended to be edited manually. They are generated from various other sources of information via a periodic automated process. Specifically, information in the POWRR Tool Grid is generated from the COPTR, and the information on formats is drawn from many different sources (e.g. PRONOM and the Archive Team File Formats Wiki).

The code that performs these updates is called Sentinel.

Contributing to this site

  • Fork it.
  • Install jekyll, and use it for testing (jekyll serve --watch)
  • Submit a pull request.


Auto-generated static web site



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