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Adds a simplemde markdown editor component to laravel nova.
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Nova Markdown

Adds a markdown editor component to Laravel Nova. Based on simplemde.

nova markdown screenshot

Installation instructions

Require dinandmentink/nova-markdown using composer:

composer require dinandmentink/nova-markdown

The package will register itself using Laravels package autodiscovery. Now, whenever you want to use a Markdown field use Markdown::make like you would expect in the fields() method of a Nova resource.

use DinandMentink\Markdown\Markdown;

public function fields(Request $request)
    return [
        Markdown::make("Field Name"),

It will accept all default Nova options:

use DinandMentink\Markdown\Markdown;

public function fields(Request $request)
    return [

Difference with Nova's own markdown

Nova, ofcourse, offers it's own markdown field. They are similar. Both of them offer inline text highlighting of markdown text. Both of them perform no transformations on the input and simply store it as plain text, usually in a TEXT column.

This package however will add some more highlighting and toolbar buttons that are not included the default Markdown field:

Functionality Default Markdown Nova Markdown
Strong V V
Italic V V
External image V V
Link V V
Preview V V
Headings - V
Blockquotes - V
Ordered lists - V
Unordered lists - V
Side-by-side view - V

Further development and contributions

At some point I would like to add image handling. Don't hold your breath though, the package currently does what I need it to do. I'm open to pullrequests and aim to ensure this package keeps working as-is with upcoming Nova releases.

Shoutout to @palauaandsons for his work that I improved upon and simplified where I needed.


  • Write tests
  • Image uploading / handling
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