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This library provides infrastructure support for using Couchbase Server and ASP.NET.


ASP.NET SessionState Provider


  • You'll need .NET Framework 3.5 or later to use the precompiled binaries.
  • To build the client, you'll need Visual Studio 2010 with MVC 3 installed.
  • The Nuget package for CouchbaseNetClient 1.0.1 is referenced by Couchbase.AspNet
  • Couchbase Server 1.8

Configuring the SessionState provider

Update the sessionState section in Web.config as follows:

<sessionState customProvider="Couchbase" mode="Custom">
    <add name="Couchbase" type="Couchbase.AspNet.SessionState.CouchbaseSessionStateProvider, Couchbase.AspNet" />

Configure the Couchbase Client as you normally would:

<section name="couchbase" type="Couchbase.Configuration.CouchbaseClientSection, Couchbase"/>	

	<servers bucket="default" bucketPassword="">
	<add uri=""/>      

Note that currently, code-based configuration of the CouchbaseClient is not supported.

In code, simply use the Session object as you normally would.

Session["Message"] = "Couchbase is awesome!";

Be sure to mark any user defined types as Serializable.

public class SessionUser 
	public string Username { get; set; }

	public string Email { get; set; }