A starting point for solr schema, config and xslt.
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This repo will holds a basic solr config, schema and xslt to use as a starting point for future projects.

It is now dependent on the discoverygarden GSearch extensions--which includes the Joda time library.

If one wishes to index Drupal content and users, one might process the conf/data-import-config.xml.erb into conf/data-import-config.xml. It takes three parameters:

  • drupal_dbname
  • drupal_db_username
  • drupal_db_password

General Installation

See the wiki page for installation details.

Custom Parameters

In our gsearch fork as of version 2.9.0, we allow for an addition custom_parameters.properties file to be placed beside the foxmlToSolr.xslt file (or whatever the "top-level" XSLT is named, when deployed).

Parameter Default Description
index_ancestors false Boolean flag: true to produce an ancestors_ms field (as used by the islandora_collection_search module); otherwise, false avoid generating. Also, note: When migrating objects between collections, it would be necessary to update all descendents to ensure their list of ancestors reflect the current state... We do this in the islandora_collection_search module when migrating, instead of reindexing all the descendents whenever indexing an object (updating a collection label would be fairly expensive if we blindly reindexed).
index_ancestors_models false Boolean flag: true to produce an ancestors_models_ms field (as used by the islandora_child_filter module; otherwise, false avoid generating. NOTE: A triplestore with Sparql 1.1 is required for the query to work.
maintain_dataset_latest_version_flag false Boolean flag: true to produce a mmv_is_latest_b field, as used by the islandora_research_data module; however, we are not given the opportunity to promote another version should the latest be purged (similarly described in the README.md for islandora_research_data). NOTE: Due to how this is calculated, it requires an RI which supports Sparql 1.1 (such as Blazegraph).
index_compound_sequence true Boolean flag: false to remove RELS_EXT_isSequenceNumberOf<pid>_literal* and RELS_EXT_http://islandora.ca/ontology/relsext#isSequenceNumberOf<pid>_literal_* fields, as used by the islandora_solr_table_of_contents module. NOTE: It is a known fact this field on large repositories will cause significant performance issues with he Luke Request Handler due to the fact it creates multiple Solr fields for each compound relationship.
index_checksums false Boolean flag: true to produce fields used by the islandora_checksum_duplicate_files module; otherwise false to avoid generating. NOTE: Checksums will need to be enabled either on a repository level or via the islandora_checksum module to have any effect.