Plugin for Gedit text editor that adds feature to restore recently opened tabs on Gedit startup
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Reopen tabs plugin for Gedit

Saves opened tabs on exit and restores them on next gedit starup.

Forked from Eugene Khorev's @ and fixes some issues.

  • Restores tabs even when gedit was killed. Need testing - please report bugs.

  • Restores only existing files.

  • Doesn't have preferences - when enabled always saves current session. To close gedit without saving current session just hit Ctrl+Q or File - Exit.



This plugin is a part of gmate. Install gmate and you are done.


  1. Download latest source package.
  2. Copy reopen-tabs.gedit-plugin file and reopen-tabs folder to ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/ (or /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins/ for system-wide installation).
  3. Open (restart) Gedit.
  4. Go to Edit - Preferences - Plugins.
  5. Enable plugin.


Currently only reopen-tabs.gedit-plugin needs translation. Feel free to contribute.