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Simple binding of libircclient for node.js.


    irc = require("./build/default/binding")  
    //prepare callbacks  
    callbacks = new Object();  
    callbacks.connectCallback = function (session, even, origin, params)  
        irc.Join(session, "#test_node", "");  
        irc.SendMsg(session, "#test_node", "Hello everybody on the channel");  
    session = irc.CreateSession(callbacks);  
    irc.Connect(session, "", 6667, "", "", "happy_nodejs_user", "", "");  
    //there is no thread.join, so you need to create forever-loop (for example http server) to proceed.  
    while (1)  



  • Session CreateSession(Callbacks callbacks)
    Creates an unique javascript object Session which will identify your IRC session
  • Number Connect(Session session, Number port, String password, String nick, String username, String realname)
    Creates connection to the server. Returns 0 if success.
  • Run(Session session)
    Starts an IRC-session - processing callbacks, sending messages etc. Implemented non-blocking.
  • Integer Disconnect(Session session)
    Disconnects from IRC-server, free memory ocupied by user-callbacks.
  • Integer Join(Session session, String channel, String key)
    Join IRC-channel channel with passphrase key
  • Integer SendMsg(Session session, String destination, String text)
    Send a message text to channel/nick destination
  • Integer Part(Session session, String channel)
    Part channel channel and stop talking here.
  • Integer Invite(Session session, String nick, String channel)
    Invite user nick to channel channel.
  • Integer Mode(Session session, String channel, String mode)
    Set mode (ex. +b -t etc) mode for channel channel.
  • Integer Kick(Session session, String nick, String channel, String reason)
    Kick user nick from channel for reason.
  • Integer Topic(Session sessiom, String channel, String topic)
    Set topic for channel.

####Callbacks object fields: All callback arguments are similar to their equivalents in libircclient library.

  • connectCallback(Session session, String event, String origin, Array params)
  • recieveCallback(Session session, String event, String origin, Array params)
  • joinCallback(Session session, String event, String origin, Array params)
  • partCallback(Session session, String event, String origin, Array params)
  • nickCallback(Session session, String event, String origin, Array params)


10.03.11:   First commit: README, package.json files, TODO list
17.03.11:   Added accessors for channel connection processing
12.04.11:   Testing environment for libircclient and libev - testirc
19.04.11:   Working tests: sending and recieving messages via console works well. Handling connected/recieved message events. New design of main module file (
20.04.11:   CreateSession function prototype done. Arguments now are two callback functions
20.04.11:   Persistent callback functions done. Now we can describe callbacks directly from javascript
25.04.11:   Functions SendMsg, Join done, now everything can be done directly from JS
27.04.11:   All about IRC events now works in another thread. ConnectCallback is working. Everything works in parallel with nodejs event loop. Web server and irc connection in example test.js
28.04.11:   RecievedCallback events. Testing Web-page on - wait for connection to be viewed from console. Everything works fine, but we need a new arquitect to hold many irc connections. For showtime - small javascript which populates the page with new irc messages.
03.05.11:   Testing web-page with chat window. Fixed some errors with memory management.
11.05.11:   Many fixes, function Run() now works fine and is non-blocking. Time to begin with lots of sessions.
16.05.11:   All callbacks for irc.SessionCreate(x) now are in a JavaScript object x.
17.05.11:   Works with multiple sessions!
17.05.11:   Two users in test.js: one for web-ui and one just bot.
25.05.11:   Fixed bugs on 64-bit systems, state UML diagram.
25.05.11:   Sequence UML diagram; header file binding.h with all necesarry information about JS functions.
26.05.11:   Session now is an object returned by CreateSession(..); Disconnect function, callback fix.
26.05.11:   Everything without prototypes. Just require("way_to_module"). You can choose nick on your testing page.
30.05.11:   Common callback function written, base for implementing every one necessarry callback (joinCallback, partCallback for ex.); test.js modified for ex.)
30.05.11:   Callbacks for: nick, part, join events. Testing script test.js.
30.05.11:   Modified bot.
30.05.11:   All callbacks now are dispatched by cmn_cb.
31.05.11:   Modified documentation - view
31.05.11:   Functions: Part, Invite, Kick, Mode, Topic. Test how bot leaves channel - test.js.
01.06.11:   Performance testing perf_test.js, modified sources for better performance.