UUID field in django core #277

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guettli commented Dec 12, 2012

Dear django extension developers,

about a UUID field in django core:
If someone can come up with a good patch I'd be fine considering it for core.

Jacob (Kaplan-Moss)

I created a new django ticket: https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/19463

I want to moderate this ticket, but won't create patch.

Are you interested in moving your UUID field to django core?



trbs commented Dec 12, 2012

We have an open ticket for our UUID Field for supporting native UUID database types.


Think native database support (at least PostGreSQL) should be considered for a patch to core.
As well as better documentation and tests then we have right now in Django-Extensions.

Native db support could cause problems when migrating from one db to another, uuid.uuid4 in a text field seems fine to me.


camilonova commented Oct 19, 2013

I'm closing this for keeping the conversation at #157

camilonova closed this Oct 19, 2013

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