Fixed #14087 -- find management commands in namespace packages #178

wants to merge 12 commits into


None yet
bhuztez commented Jun 28, 2012

improve joh's and nfg's patches, find management commands in namespace packages only. packages imported by pep-302 importers should be in another patch.

orblivion and others added some commits Dec 2, 2012
@orblivion orblivion Typeo in ValuesQuerySet._as_sql docstring 0ff1d4f
@ptone ptone Merge pull request #569 from orblivion/master
Fixed typo in ValuesQuerySet._as_sql docstring
@claudep claudep Fixed #19416 -- Fixed multi-line commands in initial SQL files
Thanks Aymeric Augustin for detecting this regression.
@sebasmagri @jphalip sebasmagri Fixed #19318 -- Ensured that the admin's SimpleListFilter options can…
… be displayed as selected even if the lookup's first element is not a string.
@ramiro ramiro Fixed #18697 -- Made values accepted for two customizable admin templ…
…ates consistent.

Thanks and at cloverfastfood dot com for the report.
@andrewgodwin andrewgodwin Merge pull request #573 from tominsam/master
Fixed #19070: urlize template filter raises exception in some cases
@claudep claudep Fixed #19378 -- Ensured get_success_url returns a non-lazy URL 795ac7d
@jphalip jphalip Fixed the admin_filters tests for Postgres. c196e01
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #19391 -- Oracle specific failure in tests
The failure was caused by using None as a choice for a CharField. To
avoid Oracle's "" <-> NULL handling the field type was changed to
@ramiro ramiro Minor idiomatic and docstring edits in ar localflavor. 45f00db
@evildmp @ramiro evildmp Amended explanation of LOCALE_PATHS setting.
Thanks Daniele Procida for the patch.
@bhuztez bhuztez Fixed #14087 -- find management commands in namespace packages 82f5a71

Why was this test converted to an identity insert? This bypasses SQLCompilers and any backend that needs to do special handling for identity inserts.


Thanks, fixed in 0cdfa76


This certainly works for me. Anything we can do to get it committed?

@bhuztez bhuztez referenced this pull request Apr 20, 2013

Fix management load #866

Natim commented Jun 5, 2013

Well it works !


Yes it works! Why isn't accepted yet?

Natim commented Jul 12, 2013

Please merge. For now to each deployement I have to patch manually in order to see namespace commands.


As I noted on the previous PR (#866) I'd like to see:

  • Support for PEP 420
  • Check other locations in Django for the same issues (app template loaders etc come to mind)

Closing this for now in light of @apollo13's comments.

@timgraham timgraham closed this Sep 18, 2013
Natim commented Sep 19, 2013

So it is not fixed !
The code of all the PR is not enough to explain the solution and the problem ?


Why is it not fixed? I testes this PR, it works well and solves the problem, more than one year, what would be the solution?

Natim commented Sep 19, 2013

What else do you mean by support for PEP#420 ?
There is no other location bug so far. We are using this fix for a year without problem.


@Natim PEP420 gives python 3 implicit namespaces, so this PR should at least have a test to test that those new namespaces work too. Even though the current patch solves your issue, as a core dev our goal is to improve Django as a whole, which for me in that case means to include support for all (common) namespace solutions out there.

@rochacbruno A statement or rather tested support for PEP 420.

As a sidenote: this PR currently includes 12 commits, most of them unrelated to this PR, so that's not really nice to review either… Also this PR has no two pretty much identical codepaths in django/core/management/, which should at least be factored out into a helper function.


So all we need is to isolate the code related to the namespace issue, create the test for PEP 420 and send another PR?


Kind of, at least then the PR would be in a reviewable shape.

bhuztez commented Sep 19, 2013

@apollo13 just one commit, 82f5a71. I guess it is because master has changed after this PR was made.

Django try very hard NOT to import any module when finding management commands, but Django do import app package before finding templates, static files, fixture. So other parts do not have to be patched.

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