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This Brackets extension uses native OS FTP clients to perform FTP. You can even FTP to a mainframe!

Native OS FTP services are more robust and work well when other FTP clients / extensions fall short. At the time this extension was created, no existing Bracket's FTP extension could propertly FTP to and from z/OS.


  • Uploads individual files or complete directory structures to a remote site root path.
  • Local directory structure is replicated and maintained in the same fashion on the remote site root path.
  • Allows for explicit setting of transfer types for a given file extension
  • Allows for executing your own FTP scripts


Install via the Brackets Extension Manager or clone / fork with Git.

To install using Git:


  • Only basic error checking is performed. Verify your first FTP for a newly defined site.
  • Retrieval from a remote site is not yet implemented.
  • FTP to a remote Windows machine is not supported
  • Only Windows hosts are supported. We've only tested FTP from Windows to/from z/OS & Linux

FTP Files to a Remote Destination

Right click a file in the Working file set or Project set and 'New Ftp Site...'

Create a Site

alt text

Fill in the dialog:

alt text

The dialog input field descriptions are:

Input Description
Site Name name for the site
Host host name, to specify a port use a space between hostname and port without quotes (e.g. hostname port)
Root Remote directory to ftp to
User User name
Password Password
Server Type Optional remote server OS used in conjunction with "Set permission" to attempt CHMOD against files.

FTP to a Created Site

Right click a file in the Working file set or Project set and select the site you added. This builds a script file in the extension directory and executes the script:

alt text

View Status

You can observe the status by the "OS FTP" status bar notification area.

  • White text means no FTP is in progress
  • Orange text means FTP is in progress.
  • Green text means FTP has completed without any known errors.
  • Red text means FTP has completed with errors. You should also see an error dialog presented to you.

Otherwise, F12 will should the complete log of FTP script statements that have been executed.

alt text

Upload Selection

You will receive a confirmation prompt if attempting to upload an entire directory. You can use this prompt to de-select files from the FTP.

alt text

Run Your Own FTP Script

Create an FTP script file like the following example supplying your own user name and password for myUserName and myPassword respectively and altering the local directory (lcd) and remote directory (cd) to the desired local and remote locations.

Note: The ftp executable is invoked with the -ins options so autologin is suppressed (you must specify the keyword 'user') and interactive mode is defaulted to be OFF:

lcd C:\Users\myUser\dev
cd dev
mput *

Right click a file (not a directory) in the Working file set or Project set and 'Run as FTP Script'


Add file extensions to control FTP as ASCII or binary. See File->OS FTP Settings...

alt text


Brackets extension using OS ftp service







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