python resources of berkeley curated at a place
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Python at Berkeley

Python resources of Berkeley curated in one place

Using the site

Visit In particular, please visit:

  • New to Python: the best resources for new learners
  • Community: a list of people, organizations, and projects in Berkeley using Python
  • Resources: an extended list of resources for using and learning Python, both online and in-person
  • Past Meetings: The Python learners' group meets regularly, and topics from past meetings are here.

Weekly Python Learners' group (in-person)

This group meets to learn both fundamentals of programming and specialized topics in Python, with emphasis on visualization and data science. All skill levels are welcome --- even if you're never programmed before! Check the website for meeting times and locations.

Contributing to the site

These pages are community-curated and are open to changes. The Resources page especially could use some help. Please make an issue or pull request with your changes. If you're unsure how to do this, please email Megan.

  • To run this site locally, download this repository and run jekyll serve --future.
  • The main pages on the website are located in pages/. The home page is in
  • To add a meeting, look in _posts/ and follow the format of the file name & content.
  • To change general webpage styles, look in _includes/ and _layouts/.
  • In the past, we've held other Python-based events. They are not directly linked on the main page for simplicity.
    • We had several D-Lab Python trainings. Their homepages are in the trainings/ folder.
    • Dav Clark ran a Python working group in 2013-2014. His pages are located in _site and events.
  • I know there are other random files (.ipynb, .csv, .xlsx, .pdf) just "sitting" in the repository. They probably ARE linked on some other pages. If someone cleans this up (like putting all Spring 2016 files in a folder), please update the links on the meeting pages (check files in the _posts folder.)

Thanks for visiting!