Materials for teaching the Python for Everything workshop at UC Berkeley's D-lab
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Python for Everything


This repository holds all of the necessary materials, code, and data for D-Lab's complete introduction to the Python Language.

If you are a student

You can download the contents of this repository with:

git clone

or, by clicking the "Download Zip" button and then extracting the .zip file.

The instructor of this workshop series will lead you through the activities for each day.

For more Python resources, visit

If you are a D-Lab instructor

You'll see accumulated teaching notes and examples for each day's topics in the instructor folder. For your convenience, these are available as Jupyter notebooks, commented python files, and pdfs.

Note : like Python, class days are zero-indexed

For information on contributing to this repository, see

If you are a D-Lab facilitator

The standard Drupal workshop descriptions and facetweet postings for this workshop series are in


  • challenges/ : pytest challenges for each day of the series
  • data/ : data necessary for interactive coding examples
  • etc/ : examples of cron, cron.d, and credentials files
  • instructor/ : teaching notes
  • scripts/
    • : for generating random tabular data
    • : for regenerating .py and .pdf files from .ipynb
    • : sample python script used in Day 0
    • : sample python script used in Day 2

D-Lab == Data Intensive Social Science, For All!