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Roll all instances within a kubernetes cluster, using a zero-downtime strategy.
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Dice will roll all instances within a kubernetes cluster, using a zero-downtime strategy.

Whenever running the process, it will:

  • Flag all running instances as dice=roll. All those instances will be rolled.
  • Evict all pods from the number of parallel instances required.
  • Listen for all pods stopping on a node.
    • When a node has no pods anymore, it will delete it.
  • Listen for all new nodes arriving on the cluster.
    • When a new node comes up, it will move on to evicting the pods on another one.

Dice assumes the cluster has an auto-scaler running, so when a node is deleted, another one can be booted.

Supported Providers

Only AWS is currently supported


In Cluster

In order to run dice within the cluster, kubernetes needs to be able to delete AWS instances. That can be done with the following IAM policy:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": "*"

As a one-off

Running dice as a one-off is a good use case when you have changed the boot configuration for your instances for examples, and you need new ones with the appropriate config.

kubeclt apply -f examples/dice-aws.yaml

Regularly roll instances

You may want to regularly roll instances if they are too old. This allows rolling out the fleet on a regular cadence.

kubeclt apply -f examples/loop-aws.yaml

Out of Cluster

You can run dice from your own machines (good for testing, but it shouldn't be used on production workloads).

go get -u
dice run -c aws

Note: you can run the permanent loop out of the cluster with the dice loop -c aws command. This is not recommended however, as you would then need to have the process running permanently.

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