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iOS Chat room demo with server side

This project was set up as a complete source for the tutorial entitled: "iOS Tutorial: Creating a chat room using" that can be found on my personal blog. Here's a view of what is created:


The project uses iOS5 and StoryBoards, it was created with the latest version of Xcode (4.3.1). In order to make the project generic, I implemented a tab view controller, so the chat room view controller can be ported easily to other apps. The skin of the chatRoom is very basic: just an image background. I'll try to find some time to add the chat bubbles at some point.

In order to make things clear and have the project runnable upon download, I left some (my) working ApplicationID and clientKey in the AppDelegate. Please do not abuse it, or I'll be forced to revoke the keys not nice to beginners, but it's really easy to obtain your own.

Additional resources can be found at and in their online doc.

Special credits:

  • Icon sweet: here
  • Subtle Patterns: here

Both are awesome, check them out.

License: MIT, ie. free to use/modify/redistribute. I decline any responsibility whatsoever if you make (good or bad) use of this code.