Install Minerva

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Install Minerva

Requirements and Dependencies


Minerva is built and tested on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS and Windows with Visual Studio 2013. It should also work on any *nix system, as long as you have the correct libraries installed.


Build on Linux

First please copy as The core Minerva library only depends on

, which should be specified by CUDA_ROOT and CUDNN_ROOT. After specifying the two variables, simply call


It will produce in release/lib folder.

Build on Windows

Minerva can also be built with Visual Studio 2013. VS_BUILD/Minerva/Minerva.sln is the solution file for Visual Studio.

Make sure you modify the project properties so they point to the right include directories and link directories, and you should be able to build it.

More on build

Build C++ MNIST example

Specify BUILD_CXX_APPS=1 in Then run ./ You could find binary mnist_mlp and mnist_cnn in release/apps folder. Follow this tutorial on how to run the example.

Build Owl module (python interface)

Specify BUILD_OWL=1 in Then ./ It needs following three additional dependencies:

  • python-dev
  • numpy
  • cython

You could easily install them by package manager (apt-get on ubuntu) or tools like pip. You could test out whether owl module has been successfully built by (in main directory):


More build configurations could be found in