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Derek's Hackernews Crap Filter


Do you like the technical articles that filter through Hacker News (

Are you really tired of schmaltz and chaff like this?

  • "This is a web page. It's made up of words." ... "OMG IT'S SO TRUE"
  • "Why I'm Leaving Elon Musk"
  • "How do I find a technical co-founder?"

No longer.

  • Stick your most-hated buzzphrases in filter.txt.
  • => Profiles => Advanced => [x] Set locale environment variables on startup
  • Run in a terminal session.
  • Or run and visit http://localhost:31337/

But that's not all!

You also get my list of irritating buzzwords as a default filter set. It slices, it dices, it kills monsters!

[Cmd]+Double-Click URLs in Mac OS X to open them.


  • Python 2.7 or Python 3.4
  • Python modules: BeautifulSoup and Requests


There are other Hacker News filters ( but they don't accommodate the level of grumpiness I have achieved (70+ entries in the default killfile).

Version History

v0.4 - 08-Nov-2014

  • Add Python 3.x compatibility (tested with 3.4) (if you're on OS X, be sure to enable "Set locale environment variables on startup" in
  • HN is now all SSL, all the time, so enable SSL verification

v0.3 - 07-Sep-2013

  • Bring back console version. Web version optional.
  • Allow comments in killfile.
  • Killfile updated with latest curmudgeonry.
  • Clean up filenames.

v0.2 - 15-Aug-2013

v0.1 - 14-Aug-2013

  • Initial release.

Have a nice day.

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