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#Festorama Hackathon!

##About It's festival time. Futurama style. Here's a little ditty to help you choose which ones to go to, and more details on each. Maybe there's a Bending festival! Made in a handful of hours by these swell humans Navya Lakkaraju, Derek Nuzum, Cassandra Aguiar, and Jonathan Stevenson.

##Technologies used

  • It's M.E.A.N. baby!


  • Freaked out
  • Finalized idea
  • Created master git repo, built basic app, and forked/ cloned for all group members
  • Assigned front and back devs
  • Bashed out heads into our lap-tops till this little gem came about

##User stories As a user, I like festivals. As a user I would like a list of a bunch of different festivals all together, with information on each. As a user I like Futurama.
As a user I wany my app to be plastered with Bender.

Learning Experiences and Ideas for Future Development

  • We NAILED not having merge conflicts on Github
  • We would of liked to implement profiles for users to save their favorites and a way for them to communicate with each other
  • Working in a group rules!


It's festival time. Futurama style.




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