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Maintained by: the Docker Community

This is the Git repo of the Docker "Official Image" for memcached (not to be confused with any official memcached image provided by memcached upstream). See the Docker Hub page for the full readme on how to use this Docker image and for information regarding contributing and issues.

The full image description on Docker Hub is generated/maintained over in the docker-library/docs repository, specifically in the memcached directory.

See a change merged here that doesn't show up on Docker Hub yet?

For more information about the full official images change lifecycle, see the "An image's source changed in Git, now what?" FAQ entry.

For outstanding memcached image PRs, check PRs with the "library/memcached" label on the official-images repository. For the current "source of truth" for memcached, see the library/memcached file in the official-images repository.

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Docker Official Image packaging for memcached




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