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Copies files from the host's /home/dokku/<APP>/DOKKU_FILES directory to the /app directory of a dokku image before the image is released.

Only affects deploys where buildpacks are in use. Files are not available during the build step.


  • dokku 0.4.0+
  • docker 1.6.x


# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install  copy-files-to-image


To use, create a DOKKU_FILES directory in /home/dokku/<APP>. For instance, if we have an application called lolipop:

mkdir -p /home/dokku/lolipop/DOKKU_FILES

Next, add your files to that directory. You will also need to ensure the dokku user has ownership and read access to these files:

chown -R dokku:dokku /home/dokku/lolipop/DOKKU_FILES
chmod -R +r /home/dokku/lolipop/DOKKU_FILES

Once that is done, any deploy should automatically add the file to the /app directory of the image, and the files will be available during container runs.


  • Does not copy directories or directory structures
  • Does not copy files prefixed by periods
  • Will not persist mode on copied files