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puppet-lint check to validate all parameters are documented
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puppet-lint parameter documentation check

Adds a new puppet-lint check to verify all class and defined type parameters have been documented.

Particularly useful with kafo, as its default behaviour is to throw an error when a parameter is undocumented.


To use this plugin, add the following line to the Gemfile in your Puppet code base and run bundle install.

gem 'puppet-lint-param-docs'


This plugin provides a new check to puppet-lint.


--fix support: No

This check will raise a warning for any class or defined type parameters that don't have an RDoc description.

WARNING: missing documentation for class parameter foo::bar
WARNING: missing documentation for defined type parameter foo::baz

Documentation styles

The check will accept any of the following styles:

Puppet Strings

Used by Puppet Strings.

# Example class
# @param foo example
define example($foo) { }

Puppet Doc style

Used by the puppet-doc command, generally deprecated in favour of Puppet Strings.

# Example class
# === Parameters:
# [*foo*] example
class example($foo) { }

Kafo rdoc style

Used in kafo following an rdoc style.

# Example class
# === Parameters:
# $foo:: example
class example($foo) { }

Selective rake task

The usual puppet-lint rake task checks all manifests, which isn't always desirable with this particular check. If your module contains many classes, some of which you don't wish to document, then you can exclude them using control comments or by using this helper to customise the lint rake task:

require 'puppet-lint-param-docs/tasks'
PuppetLintParamDocs.define_selective do |config|
  config.pattern = ['manifests/init.pp', 'manifests/other/**/*.pp']

This would disable the parameter_documentation check by default, but then defines a new rake task (which runs after lint) specifically for the files given in config.pattern.

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