Checks an email address against the following RFCs: 3696, 1123, 4291, 5321, 5322
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Copyright 2008-2016 Dominic Sayers

BSD License (

How to use is_email()

  1. Add the downloaded file is_email.php to your project
  2. In your scripts use it like this:
	require_once 'is_email.php';
	if (is_email($email)) echo "$email is a valid email address";
  1. If you want to return detailed diagnostic error codes then you can ask is_email to do so. Something like this should work:
	require_once 'is_email.php';
	$email = '';
	$result = is_email($email, true, true);

	if ($result === ISEMAIL_VALID) {
		echo "$email is a valid email address";
	} else if ($result < ISEMAIL_THRESHOLD) {
		echo "Warning! $email has unusual features (result code $result)";
	} else {
		echo "$email is not a valid email address (result code $result)";
  1. Example scripts are in the extras folder

Version history

Date Component Version Notes
2016-12-07 (all) 3.0.7 Semantic version numbering
2016-12-05 (all) 3.06 Changed all http links to https. Updated my links. Updated copyright. Clarified license
2013-11-29 tests.xml 3.05 Changed Test #71 from ISEMAIL_RFC5321 to ISEMAIL_DEPREC
2013-11-29 meta.xml 3.05 Changed category of ISEMAIL_RFC5321_IPV6DEPRECATED to ISEMAIL_DEPREC
2011-07-14 tests.xml 3.04 Changed my link to
2011-05-23 tests.xml 3.02 tests.php: Argument no longer passed by reference (deprecated). Test#32: Changed domain to because no longer has an MX record.
2010-11-15 meta.xml 3.03 Clarified definition of Valid for numpties
2010-10-18 tests.xml 3.0 New schema designed to enhance fault identification.
2010-10-18 is_email.php 3.0 Forensic categorization of email validity