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Ionic Framework Bluetooth Low Energy Examples
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Ionic Bluetooth Low Energy Examples

Demonstrate cordova-plugin-ble-central with Ionic.

These were examples written for an Ionic Bluetooth presentation given at the Ionic Philadelphia Meetup and the Ionic Madison Meetup. The presentation slides are available online.


  • Scan - Scan for Bluetooth LE devices
  • Connect - Connect to a Bluetooth LE device and show services
  • Light - Control a Bluetooth LE lightbulb
  • Button - Receive notifications from a TI CC2650 SensorTag button
  • Thermometer - Receive temperature notifications from Bluetooth LE thermometer
  • NeoPixel - Control NeoPixel lights with Bluetooth LE

The arduino directory has programs and wiring diagrams for building Bluetooth LE peripherals with the Arduino 101.

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