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jQuery plugin to display modal windows and alerts.
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jQuery Doom Windows

How To:

Include the doom_windows_style.css style
Include the jquery.doomWindows.js file
Make windows: dWindow('<img src=",-73.998672&zoom=14&size=400x400&sensor=false" alt="Google Maps" width="400" height="400" />')

Examples and implementation:

View Google Maps window

View map

$('#view-map-bt').click(function () {
	dWindow('<img src=",-73.998672&zoom=14&size=400x400&sensor=false"
 alt="Google Maps" width="400" height="400" />');

$('#view-map-bt').click(function () {
	$('<img src=",-73.998672&zoom=14&size=400x400&sensor=false"
 alt="Google Maps" width="400" height="400" />').doomWindows({buttons:false, buttonClick: function (btType, win) {btType === 'close' && win.close();}});

Confirm window

Delete item

$('#view-map-bt').click(function () {
	dConfirm('Are you sure you want to delete this item?', function (btType, win) {
		(btType === 'no' || btType === 'close') && win.close();
		if (btType === 'yes') {
			// some ajax to delete item here
			dAlert('Item deleted!');

Alert window

Rase an error

$('#alert-bt').click(function () {
	dAlert('Omg! A fake error occured! Do not panic!');
Load remote content with Ajax

Display remote data

$('#remote-bt').click(function () {
	dWindow(false, {
		ajaxUrl: $(this).attr('href'),
		cacheAjaxResult: true,
		wrapperId: 'log-in-window',
		minHeight: 317,
		minWidth: 430
	return false;


styles ({position: 'absolute', 'z-index': 999, top: false, left: false}):
	Window default styles.
width ('auto'):
	Set up a custom width of the window.
height ('auto'):
	Set up a custom height of the window.
minWidth ('auto'):
	Set up a custom min-width style.
minHeight ('auto'):
	Set up a custom min-height style.
overlay: (true):
	Show or hide window overlay.
wrapp: (true):
	Buy default the content is wrapped in a div of 'doom-win' class.
wrapperClass ('doom-win'):
	Set the deafult wrapper class.
wrapperId (false):
	Give a unique id to your window so it's easier to style it.
wrapperHtml ('<div><div class="doom-win-content"></div></div>'):
	Set up a custom html window wrapper.
buttons ({ok:'Ok'}):
	Bottom buttons and button text.
headerButtons ({close:'Close'}):
	Header buttons and button text.
buttonsTranslate ([]):
	Text translate for buttons.
buttonsTranslate ('<div class="doom-win-bt-cnt-header"><ul class="doom-win-bt-list">{buttons}</ul></div>'):
	Header buttons html wrapper structure.
buttonsWrapperHtml ('<div class="doom-win-bt-cnt"><ul class="doom-win-bt-list">{buttons}</ul></div>'):
	Bottom buttons html wrapper structure.
buttonHtml ('<li class="doom-win-bt-{buttonType}"><button data-type="{buttonType}"><span>{buttonText}</span></button></li>'):
	Message button HTML structure.
buttonClick (null):
	A callback function when for all the buttons. Get the buttons key (ok, close, yes, no) and the window object as args. I.e.: function (btType, win) {btType === 'close' && win.close();}
eventsNamespace (null):
	A namespace for the gobal window events. Normally it's preffiled automatically on window create and it's unique for each window.
closeOnEsc (true):
	Close window on Escape keyboard button click.
onClose (null):
    Callback on window close.
onEsc (function () {$(this).close();}):
    Callback for closing window on Esc button hit.
closeOnSideClick (true):
    Close window on overlay click.
onSideClick (function () {$(this).close();}):
    Callback for closing window on overlay click.
ajaxUrl (null):
	Set the ajax url if you want to load content remotely.
afterAjax (null, winContent):
	After ajax callback function. Gets the ajax response and the window container as args.
ajaxData (null):
	Set some custome request query params for ajax.
cacheAjaxResult (false):
	Set this if you want the ajax content to be cached in the browser.
onShow (null):
	Callback function after the window is created and displayed.
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