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.NET Interactive Notebooks for C#

Welcome to the home of .NET interactive notebooks for C#!

How to Install

VS Code

  1. Download the .NET Coding Pack for VS Code for Windows or macOS.
  2. Install the Polyglot Notebooks extension.

C# 101

Download or clone this repo and open the csharp-101 folder in VS Code to get started with the C# 101 notebooks. Or, if you want just tap on one of the Notebook links below and automatically have it open in VS Code!

# Topic Notebook Link Video Link Documentation
1 Hello World 01 Notebook 01 Video Intro to C#
2 The Basics of Strings 02 Notebook 02 Video Intro to C#
3 Searching Strings 03 Notebook 03 Video Intro to C#
4 Numbers and Integers Math 04 Notebook 04 Video Numbers in C#
5 Numbers and Integer Precision 05 Notebook 05 Video Numbers in C#
6 Numbers and Decimals 06 Notebook 06 Video Numbers in C#
7 Branches (if) 07 Notebook 07 Video Branches and Loops in C#
8 What Are Loops? 08 Notebook 08 Video Branches and Loops in C#
9 Combining Branches and Loops 09 Notebook 09 Video Branches and Loops in C#
10 Arrays, Lists, and Collections 10 Notebook 10 Video Arrays, Lists, and Collections in C#
11 Search, Sort, and Index Lists 11 Notebook 11 Video Arrays, Lists, and Collections in C#
12 Lists of Other Types 12 Notebook 12 Video Arrays, Lists, and Collections in C#
13 Objects and Classes 13 Notebook 13 Video Object Oriented Coding in C#
14 Methods and Members 14 Notebook 14 Video Object Oriented Coding in C#
15 Methods and Exceptions 15 Notebook 15 Video Object Oriented Coding in C#

Machine Learning

Download or clone this repo and open the machine-learning folder to get started with the machine-learning notebooks.

Getting Started Series

# Topic Notebook Link
1 Intro to Machine Learning 01 Notebook
2 Data Prep and Feature Engineering 02 Notebook
3 Training and AutoML 03 Notebook
4 Model Evaluation 04 Notebook
5 AutoML Sweepable API 05 Notebook
6 AutoML Tuners 06 Notebook

End to End (E2E) Notebooks - examples of the entire ML process.

# Topic Github Link
E2E Classification using AutoML (Iris Dataset) Iris E2E AutoML
E2E Forecasting using Regression (Luna Dataset) Luna E2E Regression
E2E Forecasting using SSA (Luna Dataset) Luna E2E SSA
E2E Regression using AutoML (Taxi Dataset) Taxi E2E AutoML
E2E Text Classification API (Yelp Dataset) Text Classification API

Reference Notebooks

# Topic Github Link
REF Data Processing with DataFrame Data Frame
REF Graphs and Visualizations Visualizations
REF Kaggle Competitions (Titanic Dataset) Kaggle
REF AutoML Search Space AutoML Search Space

.NET Foundation

.NET Interative Notebooks for C# is a .NET Foundation project.

There are many .NET related projects on GitHub.

  • .NET home repo - links to 100s of .NET projects, from Microsoft and the community.
  • ASP.NET Core home - the best place to start learning about ASP.NET Core.

This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.


.NET (including the csharp-notebooks repo) is licensed under the MIT license.


Get started learning C# with C# notebooks powered by .NET Interactive and VS Code.



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