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Some random Unity3D stuff that at some point I wish I could have found.

Example projects are provided.


Procedural Cylinder

Creates a cylinder procedurally including UVs based on the desired number of sides and height segments.

Use: In the menu choose Create Object > Other > Cylinder


Procedural Plane

Creates a plane procedurally with a specified number of horizontal and vertical segments and uniform UVs.

For each corner of the plane an offset can be specified meaning that corner can be moved. That makes this very useful for digital keystoning, using that plane to hold a render texture of your main camera and tweaking the position of those corners means you can keystone the final output and use on a projector for example for projection mapping.

Use: In the menu choose Create Object > Other > Plane

Digital Keystone

This is practically an addon to the Procedural Plane that allows you to edit the 4 corners in Play Mode and save/load the edits, useful for adjusting the keystone in projection mapping and other scenarios.


The content of this repository is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.