A vim plugin for the Grammalecte French grammar checker
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What is Vim-Grammalecte?

Vim-Grammalecte is a plugin that integrates Grammalecte into Vim. Grammalecte is an Open Source grammar checker for French.

See http://grammalecte.net for more details about Grammalecte.


If you don't have time to read help files, this screenshot will give you an idea of what the Grammalecte plugin does:

alt text

In GVim (with curly underlines to highlight errors):

alt text


Installing the plugin

This plugin contains 2 files:


Copy those files respectively into ~/.vim/plugin and ~/.vim/doc/ directories, and update the documentation tags using:

vim -c 'helptags ~/.vim/doc'

You also have to enable plugins by adding these two lines in your .vimrc file:

set nocompatible
filetype plugin on

If you prefer to use Vundle or Pathogen plugin managers, the plugin is available on github at:


For example, using Vundle, you can install the plugin by adding this line in you ~/.vimrc:

Plugin 'dpelle/vim-Grammalecte'

Installing Grammalecte

To use this plugin, you need to install the Python Grammalecte program. Grammalecte can be downloaded at:


This vim plugin requires Grammalecte version 0.5.12 or newer.

Unzip the Grammalecte-fr-v0.5.*oxt file and specify the location of Grammalecte into your ~/.vimrc file using something like:

let g:grammalecte_cli_py='~/Downloads/Grammalecte-fr-v0.5.14/pythonpath/cli.py'


The Grammalecte plugin defines 2 commands :GrammalecteCheck and :GrammalecteClean.


Use the :GrammalecteCheck command to check the grammar in the current buffer. This will highlight errors in the buffer. It will also open a new scratch window with the list of grammar mistakes with further explanations for each error. It also populates the location-list for the window.

The :GrammalecteCheck command accepts a range. You can for example check grammar between lines 100 and 200 in buffer with :100,200GrammalecteCheck, check grammar in the visual selection with :<',>'GrammalecteCheck, etc. The default range is 1,$ (whole buffer).


Use the :GrammalecteClear command to clear highlighting of grammar mistakes, close the scratch window containing the list of errors, clear and close the location-list.

See :help Grammalecte for more details.


The VIM LICENSE applies to the Grammalecte.vim plugin (see :help copyright except use "Grammalecte.vim" instead of "Vim".

Grammalecte is freely available under GPL.