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WordPress theme developed for


  • PHP version 5.4 (DomDocument options)

Media settings

Works best in conjunction with Media Press plugin.

  • Thumbnail size: 316 x 195 (yes, crop it)
  • Medium size: 482 x 0 (no limit on height)
  • Large size: 648 x 0
  • XL size: 980 x 0 (don’t crop, show in image insertion)
  • XXL size: 1280 x 0 (don’t crop, show in image insertion)
  • Enable 2x image sizes

Page setup

Go to the Pages section of the WordPress admin. This is where everything happens.

  1. Create a new Page in WordPress, use the Stack page template
  2. In Settings → Reading, set your new Page to be the front page
  3. Create children of the page
  4. Use Page "order" number to define the order each sub-page appears

Image format

Use the Image format for a “full-bleed” image treatment

  • Use the featured image to set the background

Gallery format

Use the Gallery format for the “projects” treatment

  • Each child page of the gallery is represented by its featured image
  • Use the caption text in the featured image to control how the project is
  • If the caption text includes a link, that will be used instead of the page (useful linking to off-site URLs, just create a placeholder page with a featured image)

Menu Template

  • Use the Menu template for the “videos” treatment
  • Each child of the menu is represented in the list and loaded in dynamically

Custom fields

  • Use the page_class custom field for adding a CSS class to a page
  • Set page_class to dark to invert the color scheme (like with the “videos” page)

Footer links

  • Edit the links in the Links section of the WordPress admin
  • Use the rating value to sort links by importance (higher rating comes first)


One page wonder WordPress theme



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