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Django based Web Interface to Retroshare

Development Setup

check out the code:

git clone git:// djrs-code
cd djrs-code
git submodule update --init

Install the python requirements:

  • django (1.4.X) (Web Framework)
  • paramiko (>=1.9.0) (python SSH client)
  • flup (python fastcgi interface)
  • protobuf (2.4.1) (googles serialisation protocol)
    • pycrypto >=2.1

This can be done by running

pip install -r djrs_requirements.txt

Launch the development server

python runserver

Then point your browser at

Finally, you have to launch retroshare-nogui in SSH mode. For instructions about how to do this, see out blog: there are RPC notes towards the bottom of the page.

There are also notes in Retroshare source code: retroshare-nogui/src/

Running via Tornado server.

This should be as simple as running


Then point your browser at

This is the recommended way of running DjRS!

Building into a Standalone App

Once you have got the tornado server running, you can try and build the standalone app. This is still work-in-progress. It has been successfully done a couple of times.

Let us know if it works for you.

python build

Running As Production Web Interface.

(This is not recommended at the moment).

In djrs.settings:

Change the SECRET_KEY

Specify STATIC_ROOT for your Production System.

Setup an external face https server. (nginx, apache, etc) Be sure to use https, as you will be logging in via this interface.

Launch the fastcgi python interface via the ./ script.


The recommended method is to setup your rs-nogui node with an forwarded SSH port on your raspberry-PI or dreamplug. Then run the web app on any other computers when you want to access you node.

The DjRS webserver and Retroshare nodes do not have to be on the same computer, BUT you need to know the IP Address of the Retroshare Node in order to login!

DjRS is still in early development, and it is not recommended to expose the Web Interface directly to the Internet yet.