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A FUSE-based filesystem for

This software is licensed under the GPLv3 Licence and comes with NO WARRANTY. Use at your own risk. See gpl-3.0.txt.

Boxfs use the v2 version of api (see, older versions used the v1 api.


If you prefer a static build or don't want to install libapp and libjson system-wide, you can run make static to:

  • download (git clone) libapp and libjson, inside the boxfs source tree
  • compile them
  • link boxfs against those local libs


Boxfs can read options from command line or from a config file.

The simplest way to start is to run the script boxfs-init and let it create a configuration file for you.

The first time you run boxfs, you will need to complete the authentication (oauth2) process and grant access to your account. It's easy, just follow the instructions on the terminal and on your browser.

The first mount can be quite slow because boxfs will fetch and cache info (metadata, not file contents!) about your folders.

Usage: boxfs [options] [mountPoint]

  -h                          shows this help message
  -f               conffile   file containing configuration options
  -t --token_file  tokenfile  file containing oauth tokens
  -c --cache_dir   cachedir   directory used to cache metadata
  -e --expire_time N          expire time for cache entries (in minutes)
  -l --largefiles             enable support for large files (splitting)
  -v --verbose                turn on verbose syslogging
  -U --uid                    user id to use as file owner (defaults to you)
  -G --gid                    group id to use for group permissions
  -F --fperm                  file permissions (default 0644)
  -D --dperm                  directory permissions (default 0755)

When you've done using your files, unmount your filsystem with fusermount -u mountpoint

Authors and Contributors

Boxfs is written by Domenico Rotiroti with contributions from other GitHub users.

See README.V1 for a list of people who helped in the previous releases.

Known problems/limitations

  • Sharing, tags and other file metadata are not handled
  • Updates made from outside boxfs are not visible until remount
  • Can't create empty files


A FUSE-based filesystem for






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