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Dear R and rmongodb users, rmongodb project is based on legacy C drivers. For the moment, I (@dselivanov) don't have time for rmongodb development. And unless someone will not port new drivers, package will remain with outdated functionality (see issues ). If some of you want to udertake package maintainance - let me know.

For new R / mongodb users , I recommend to start with mongolite package wich is much more actively maintained.


This is an R ( extension supporting access to MongoDB ( using the mongodb-c-driver (

The latest stable version is available on CRAN:

Thanks to Gerald Lindsly and MongoDB, Inc. (formerly 10gen) for the initial work.

In October 2013, MongoSoup and Markus Schmidberger have overtaken the development and maintenance of the R package.

Since October 2014 package is maintained by Dmitriy Selivanov. Please feel free to send us issues or pull requests via github:

Furthermore, I'm happy to get your feedback personally via email: selivanov.dmitriy (at)


Once you have installed the package, it may be loaded from within R like any other package:


# connect to your local mongodb
mongo <- mongo.create()

# create query object 
query <- mongo.bson.from.JSON('{"age": 27}')

# Find the first 100 records
#    in collection people of database test where age == 27
cursor <- mongo.find(mongo, "test.people", query, limit=100L)
# Step through the matching records and display them
while (

res <- mongo.find.batch(mongo, "test.people", query, limit=100L)


There is also one demo available:


Supported Functionality by rmongodb

  • Connecting and disconnecting to MongoDB
  • Querying, inserting and updating to MongoDB including with JSON and BSON
  • Creating and handling BSON objects
  • Dropping collections and databases on MongoDB
  • Creating indices on MongoDB collections
  • Error handling
  • Executing commands on MongoDB
  • Adding, removing, handling files on a "Grid File System" (GridFS) on a MongoDB server
  • High Level functionality as mongo.apply, mongo.summary, mongo.get.keys, ...
  • Aggregation pipeline

Good ressources to Get Started with rmongodb

Good ressources to Install and Get Started with MongoDB

Good ressources for working with JSON-Data in R:


To install the development version of rmongodb, it's easiest to use the devtools package:

# install.packages("devtools")

We advice using RStudio ( for the package development. The RStudio .Rproj file is included in the repository.

Usefull links


We use a three step version number system, e.g. v1.2.1:

  • first: major changes as new C libraries
  • second: for each new stable CRAN release
  • third: for each new github version ready for testing

General Development Rules

  • we use roxygen2
  • we write RUnit tests for all new functionality in tests/test_XXX.R
  • for bigger changes we use branches
  • run valgrid to check for memory leaks R -d "valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full" --vanilla < test_XXX.R > log.txt 2>&1
  • CRAN submission:
  • create Package tar.gz via RStudio "Build Source Package"
  • run R CRAN checks via: R CMD check --as-cran package.tar.gz
  • run R CRAN checks without running mongodb installation
  • create a tag / release on github for every CRAN submission