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Django Passwords

django-passwords is a reusable app that provides a form field and validators that check the strength of a password.


You can install django-passwords with pip by typing:

pip install django-passwords

Or with easy_install by typing:

easy_install django-passwords

Or manually by downloading a tarball and typing:

python install


django-passwords is compatible with Django 1.3 through 1.9 RC1. Pythons 2.7 and 3.4 are both supported.


django-passwords adds 6 optional settings


Specifies minimum length for passwords:

PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH = 6 # Defaults to 6

Specifies maximum length for passwords:

PASSWORD_MAX_LENGTH = 120 # Defaults to None

Specifies the location of a dictionary (file with one word per line):

PASSWORD_DICTIONARY = "/usr/share/dict/words" # Defaults to None

Specifies how close a fuzzy match has to be to be considered a match:

PASSWORD_MATCH_THRESHOLD = 0.9 # Defaults to 0.9, should be 0.0 - 1.0 where 1.0 means exactly the same.

Specifies a list of common sequences to attempt to match a password against:

PASSWORD_COMMON_SEQUENCES = [] # Should be a list of strings, see passwords/ for default

Specifies number of characters within various sets that a password must contain:

PASSWORD_COMPLEXITY = { # You can omit any or all of these for no limit for that particular set
    "UPPER": 1,        # Uppercase
    "LOWER": 1,        # Lowercase
    "LETTERS": 1,       # Either uppercase or lowercase letters
    "DIGITS": 1,       # Digits
    "SPECIAL": 1,      # Not alphanumeric, space or punctuation character
    "WORDS": 1         # Words (alphanumeric sequences separated by a whitespace or punctuation character)


To use the formfield simply import it and use it:

from django import forms
from passwords.fields import PasswordField

class ExampleForm(forms.Form):
    password = PasswordField(label="Password")

You can make use of the validators on your own fields:

from django import forms
from passwords.validators import dictionary_words

field = forms.CharField(validators=[dictionary_words])

You can also create custom validator instances to specify your own field-specific configurations, rather than using the global configurations:

from django import forms
from passwords.validators import (
    DictionaryValidator, LengthValidator, ComplexityValidator)

field = forms.CharField(validators=[
    DictionaryValidator(words=['banned_word'], threshold=0.9),
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