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  • This is a single threaded quotient filter implementation in pure PHP.
  • It uses a binary string to store the bit vector and manipulates based on byte indexes of the string.
  • Apache 2.0 License.

This implementation supports 33 bit quotients (2^33 slots) and remainders up to 63 bits at the expensive of some performance.

cautionary tales

  • PHP Limitations
    • Strings are limited to byte addressing of signed 32 bit integers. The maximum string is only 2GB - 1B (2^31-1 Bytes).
    • The bit vector only supports powers of 2 bits in this implementation. Thus the largest vector size is 1GB.
    • Workaround with multiple strings could allow for implementations greater than 1GB.
    • PHP 5.4+
    • PHP lacks calloc or malloc so str_repeat is used to allocate the bit array.
    • PHP cannot directly use the output of str_repeat and primitive assignment will require double the memory of the vector size due to the copy.