Tool for converting images to DDS format with additional support for KSP.
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Tool for conversion of images to DDS format + script designed for Kerbal Space Program to convert all textures inside GameData/ to DDS format.


  1. Install Pyhton (it works fine with both 2.x and 3.x).
  2. Unzip this to your KSP directory, so that and img2dds/ are directly inside your KSP directory.


Double-click or run it from console (type ./ on Linux) and wait until it finishes.

Warning: original textures are deleted after conversion.

Alternatively, you can also run ./ /path/to/GameData in case you haven't unzipped this archive into your (current) KSP directory, or if you have multiple KSP installations.

If script doesn't convert everything correctly (i.e. doesn't generate mipmaps for some model, converts some PNGs it shouldn't etc.) you should open it and add exceptions to the arrays at the beginning of the script. I only added exceptions and did fine-tuning for the most common mods and the mods I have installed.