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A Top down 2D arcade shooter wave survivor game twisted up in a zombie apocalypse

Screenshot of Player mowing down zombies

Here is some early development game footage

ZomBarrage - early development game footage

What will this game be about?

Currently I cannot say, however I can say that it is a zombie shooter game where you must clearout many different kinds of levels. Each level getting progressively more difficult than the previous. Upgrade your way to the top and compete for the best times and hardest difficulties.

How will the game work?

The game works with a wave-type system where zombies will spawn in 'waves'. Each wave consists of spawning different types of zombies ranging from heavies, normal zombies, boomers, etc. Each wave increasing difficulty until the area / level has been cleared out.

This seems to look very similiar to the Cut Off Game you made, whats going on?

This a clone of the Cut Off Game Project when the Cut Off Game Project was in early development. However, in this version, I decided to branch off from where I was in the Cut Off Game Project and change it into a wave survivor game. Rather than being a story-driven game, I want to start off simple and possibly take the assets from this one and implement it into the Cut Off Game in the future.

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