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RapidFTR is a mobile app and database system that lets aid workers collect and share information about children in emergency situations, so they can be reunited with their families. That process, called Family Tracing and Reunification (FTR), is currently done on paper. The project initially came out of an ITP class called Design for UNICEF, taught by Clay Shirky. It is now in active development with help from volunteers from ThoughtWorks and the open source community. Get more information on the project website: and follow @rapidftr on Twitter.

Go To for a full list of developer resources.

Prospective and active contributors should join the RapidFTR Google Group

All RapidFTR Wiki Pages — Click through to here. There’s lots more to look at.

Functional Overview

Strategy, Design, and stuff

Development Environment Setup

Server Development

Blackberry client Development

Android client Development

Production Deployment

Security with RapidFTR

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