Controls for adding Parallax effects for Java (JavaFX)
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Parallax framework for Java (JavaFX). This framework adds controls to add Parallax effects to JavaFX application, this effect can add a sense of depth (3D like) to where it’s used.


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Issues and Contributions

Issues can be reported to the Issue tracker. If you're not sponsoring or fixing them yourself, please be patient as I can only work on them during my spare time and according to priorities. We welcome contributions, they can be submitted via Pull requests.

Pull Requests (PR)

We welcome contributions via PR.
Before submitting a PR please, please file an issue for prior discussion. This will avoid you wasting time with a PR that might not be approved because for instance might be outside the intended scope of the project.

How to get the library

  • If you just want to download the jar file containing the library go to releases tab.
  • If you want to use maven the jar is available through Bintray.

Please send me pictures of your application that is using FXParallax, this is for me to know how users are effectively using it and make adjustments accordingly and if you allow it, to showcase example uses.

About The Author

I hope you don't mind just a bit of publicity. I'm a JavaFX and Swing Freelancer and Consultant, but more generally can be described as a Front End Freelancer and Consultant since I also have experience in web technologies, building web apps, etc, and have experience in User Interface Design and User Experience. If you need professional assistance feel free to contact me.
Still this is, and will remain being, a free and open source library, so feel free to use it, royalty free, in your projects commercial or not.